A First Look

I finally painted the first batch of bad guys for my narrative gaming. All four models are from Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven line. I stopped t four, but could have bought at least a dozen more models.  I have never really paid much attention to Reaper minis, but I will from now on. These four had light amounts amounts of flash, went together easy, and painted up nicely.

Since all four of these baddies play into stories that are not complete yet, I will not be naming them today. Just some quick, not so hot cellphone pics to prove that yes, I do actually paint models.



I’m actually quite proud of how these turned out. Especially the female model. There is a certain level of “eww” to a couple that i find appealing in a weird sort of way. I haven’t finished basing these, since they will get based with all the American and German models I have painted this year, and i am waiting to base the whole lot together for a cohesive look.

Three of these creatures of darkness have been introduced, though you may not know it. A careful read of previous shorts will give some clues. In due time they will receive a proper introduction.




  1. I’m not sure I’d describe myself as awesome, but I’m not bad…lol

    Very nice work, Harry. I actually prefer your piant job on the ghost bride than the one on the website. I actually had ti look twice, as I thought you”d put a B&W filter on it. I really love that model and think I’ll need to pick one up for myself! An ideal addition to my host of ghosts.


    1. For once, I had a model turn out just like I saw it in my head. No filter. Not even a good camera, just my LG phone.

      And don’t sell yourself short Jez. Your writings, and modeling, and evil plans are so inspirational you have me painting models I never would have considered before. The options Blackwell opened up in my mind are endless. An eternal thanks for getting creativity going.


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